Luoana Negut is a photographer & graphic designer, based in London, who has had work published internationally. What started out as an interest in visual arts, soon turned into a passion for portrait, fashion and macro photography as well as graphic design, in which she is now building her career around. The development of her work has seen publications in the magazine Digital SLR Photography. 
Luoana is a natural when it comes to creating fresh, eye-catching and striking images & designs and this can be seen in the variety of work she has produced. It is clear that Luoana is a motivated and driven individual, in which she has captured the attention of other photographers that have shown an interest in working with her. As someone who always likes a challenge, Luoana is always up for experimenting with ideas, so there isn't anything you wouldn't see her attempting. 
Luoana Negut

London, UK


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